Types Of Trademark

Steps for the process of registration

It is not a tedious one, there are few simple steps are listed below:

Trademark Search

Many business personnel not taking the trademark search seriously since they are very much confident of their product trademark and its uniqueness. But somewhere, the people might have used the trademark. For this, the trademark search will really helps you to sort out the ambiguity and gives you a clear idea if any similarity exists and also makes to understand where your trademark stands. This also gives you the forewarning about litigation. Instead of consuming your time unnecessarily, we can search and choose the unique trademark in order to avoid all kind of issues.

Filing a trademark

After the trademark search, if you find a trademark or a brand of yours which is not in the trademark registry India. You further start to file an application with the required documents which are mentioned above.

Trademark Examination

After filing an application, the examiner starts to examine, it takes to around 10-12 months. The examiner would have accept the trademark absolutely, conditionally or object that. If the trademark got accepted, it would be published in the trademark journal. If not, the objection will be mentioned in the report and a month of time will be given to the applicant to response or fulfil the conditions. If the response is not accepted, one can ask for hearing. After that if the examiner accept that unconditionally, trademark will be published.

Trademark Publication

The publication step will be mentioned in the trademark registration procedure.

Trademark Certificate

Once all the constraints and issues been solved. The certificate of trademark will be issued from the registered office.

Trademark Renewal

Trademark can be renewed after 10 years. Until that, your brand name or trademark will be protected from the unauthorised parties.